Print Paper Features and Overview:


Print Paper gives users the ability to print standard and customized sheet of paper and overhead slides.  These include notebook paper, writing paper, legal paper, kindergarten, and elementary writing paper that are printable in 13 colors on 13 paper sizes.  The sheets can be in portrait or landscape with the lined area covering a square or rectangular area.  Right and left vertical boarder lines can be in any of 13 colors or left out completely. 


The paper’s lined grid can be single or multiple colors.  For instance; kindergarten writing paper usually contains blue and red alternating color lines, and usually contains either one or two red lines in-between each set of blue lines.  These all can be selected and then modified as needed. 


Another feature to help teachers, instructors, students is the ability to take a standard style paper and scale it up for show or demonstration purposes.  For example; when presenting information that would be on a standard sheet of notebook paper, it would be easier to show to a group if the page were scaled up from the standard size sheet, 8.5”x10” to ledger size, 11”x17”.  This is easily done by simply choosing to scale the printed area to ledger, A3, A2 or even A0. 


Notebook Paper:

Notebook paper normally comes in three different formats, Wide, Standard, and College ruled sizes.  It generally has blue lines and a red vertical left boarder line and is printed on both sides.  Since the vertical boarder line from the opposite side of the page is generally visible through the page it has the appearance of having a right vertical boarder line.  When Print paper is printed on both sides on fairly light weight paper the right vertical border line is basically a shadow line that gives a visible boundary.  To maintain visibility of the right boarder line on thicker or one sided papers, Print Paper can be set to print a watermark in this position on the paper to maintain visibility of this boarder line.


Writing Paper:

Most writing papers have no printed right and left boarders, and can have lines printed from edge to edge or have a right and left boarder the is unprinted.  Better writing papers usually have about half an inch of blank boarder all of the way around the page.  There a number of adjustments that can be made to get just the style sheet you are in need of.


Legal Paper:

Legal paper generally follows the same rules as Notebook Paper except that it is printed on 8.5” x 14” paper.


Primary Writing Paper:

This paper usually has two line colors on landscape paper and has no right or left vertical boarder lines. 

The lines on this paper are usually blue with two red lines between each blue line and one of the two red lines is usually a dashed line.  This allows for three region per writing line.  The letters are then formed in the two lower regions with the dashed line being the mid point for the height of the taller letters and the lower region containing the short letters completely. 

·         Kindergarten

·         1st Grade

·         2nd Grade

·         3rd Grade



Vertical and horizontal lines can be independently set to any of the following 13 colors. 

·         Amber

·         Black

·         Blue

·         Charcoal

·         Gray

·         Green

·         Light Gray

·         Orange

·         Pink

·         Purple

·         Red

·         Yellow

·         Watermark


Custom Paper:

Custom paper can be created with line spacing from 1/8 inch to 1 Ό inch or 3 mm to 25 millimeters.  Paper can be printed with or without boarder lines and with blank margins from zero to 1.5 inches.  . 


Paper Sizes:

Paper can be printed on any of the following 13 paper sizes. 

·         Letter  8.5” x 11”

·         Legal  8.5” x 14”

·         Executive 7.25” x 10.5”

·         Ledger           11” x 17”

·         A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5

·         ANSY C 17” x 22”

·         ANSY D 22” x 34”

·         ANSY E 34” x 44”



Paper scaling of the printed Lines and Boarders include the following settings. 

·         None                          No scaling

·         Boarders                    Scale boarders but leave line spacing static

·         Boarders & Lines      Boarders and Line spacing uniformly scaled up or down with size of paper.

·         Lines Only                 Scale line spacing but leaves boarders unscaled

Scaling is especially important for display materials that need to be seen at a distance either in an exhibit or by an instructor.  The scaling feature allows printing of enlarged versions of standard types of papers.


Paper Styles:

There a numerous paper styles in use for different ages and conditions.  The following is a sample list of some of these paper types and uses along with a specification to use print them at Print Paper.TM

·         Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

·         Notebook Paper

·         College Ruled Notebook Paper

·         Wide Ruled Writing Paper

·         Writing Paper

·         College Ruled Writing Paper

·         1st Grade Composition Paper

·         1st Grade Primary Writing Paper

·         2nd Grade Composition Paper

·         2nd Grade Primary Writing Paper

·         3rd Grade Composition Paper

·         3rd Grade Primary Writing Paper

·         Lined Stationery Paper